this is a side blog by Lenpepper for fire emblem art and scribbles

Literally everything here is Au's, or ships. Call me Ethan or Pepper, winks.
I vote for servant of evil

Then you will be happy, that I will now announce that I am in fact working on it, it’s a pretty hard project but for starting just now I’m doing really great!! I think with enough work you will be able to see it this month or the first days of October

I’ve spent so much time in the darkness, i’d almost forgotten how beautiful the moonlight is…

Au where Robin had already been possessed by Grima, but not entirely, making her hide to not hurt anyone until Chrom finds her

if i were to make an animation of a vocaloid song of “Servan of Evil” with Libra and Maribelle or “Paper Plane” with sumia and gaius… wich one should i do

not like im gonna do it…hmmmm

accursedchild ha dicho: robin and chrom are gonna defy gravity

Robin can float tho “Defying Gravity playing in the bg”

I heard the whole Wicked soundtrack, Robin Chrom and Maribelle for your soul.

_`。) Au trash. Aw yeah.

think im gonna take a break of drawing oc’s i don’t want to tire you up

MORE HTTYD OC CROSSOVER/AU, this time with one favorite duo, Jay with a Changewing and Mei’rin with a Snaptrapper


Krysta wanted some Httyd and my fe:a OC crossover so now that I’m a lil shit who loves both I decided to Draw Tate with a Stormcutter and Azula with a Timberjack


yup, we are doing this again, this time, the right way

((it was a side blog i couldn’t do anything))

what is the brush/brush settings you use? your art is so good!!

but yeah basically only those 4 with the sizes(and the opacity of the last one), ALSO, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.